Bitcoin: Rise of Virtual Currency and its Downfalls

Data science is an integral part of almost every part of your life. Has your bank offered new products and services? Those were based on data analysis. Have you recently noticed a change in your grocery store’s layout? The decision was probably spurred by data analysis. Business heading in a new direction? That’s right. Data analysis. Data analytics is a branch of data science that handles raw data analytics. A data analyst is a bit like a detective. Data flows into an organization through many different means and it’s up to the data analyst to wrangle it and shape it into something ready to provide insight. Because data is such a large part of decision making across nearly all fields, data analytics is a vital skill.Data analytics is often a step to full-fledged data scientist. You’ll gain skills in statistics, algorithms, machine learning, and visualization. It requires a lot of skill and a little intuition about how and where to find the answers an organization needs. Bolstering your skills in analytics is a great way to get into this field and sets you up to explore insights and build experience in business intelligence.